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Agile Interoperability Solutions

AIS is a Washington D.C.-based tech startup run by a retired U.S. Army General and a team of former first responders and communications engineers. Their product CORE is a highly mobile communications engine primarily used off-grid by emergency services during disasters and major security incidents.

AIS’s best opportunity to gain industry press exposure and spend time with potential customers occurs just once each year at a national trade show for governmental emergency services agencies. It was critical for AIS to have branding, a website, a pitch deck, collateral, trade show material, and overview videos in-place prior to the conference. Without these, they would lose an entire year’s worth of sales potential.

Lifestyle and branding photo shoot with clients in Miami Florida
High tech product photography shoot by Fort Walton Beach agency
Sales pitch deck designed by Florida marketing agency that specializes in tech startups
Ad campaign photography by Florida branding agency
Lifestyle product photography shoot by NW Florida marketing agency

Creative Solution

LIFT booked a trip to AIS’s engineering laboratory in Miami, Florida, for the purpose of conducting a photography “branding shoot” with their development team, and to shoot photos and video footage of the team giving an overview talk and then deploying CORE off-grid during a mock disaster scenario. One of CORE’s most valuable features is its ability to be easily and rapidly deployed to remote locations. LIFT felt this could be effectively communicated with imagery and video and using the nearby Everglades as our backdrop.

After creating the needed imagery and spending time the AIS team learning about their business, LIFT returned to the beach to complete the creative and development projects. We delivered the project on-time and on-budget. AIS has since contacted us to perform the same branding services for a sibling company and product they are launching. Stay tuned!

Tech startup identity kit by Florida branding agency
Responsive website design by Florida branding agency
Trade show displays by Florida branding agency



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